• Fluff & Fold Laundry
  • Fluff & Fold Laundry

The Washboard Laundry is San Diego’s friendly laundry service

and we’re shaking up the boring laundry chore with a fresh, modern twist.

What our customers say

  • I love The Washboard Laundry. LOVE them. I use the fluff and fold service a lot. They do a great job/ They'll use their soap or mine, and they even match up your socks. I have a baby at home and the Washboard has gone a long way toward preserving the last remaining shreds of my sanity. Thanks!

    Chris W.,

  • I needed to wash my king size comforter and did not want to spend the day doing it myself. I was so happy to find The Washboard Laundry. Yhey did an awesome job and at a great price! The place is really nice on the inside, but the best part is the customer service! Tyler, the owner, really goes out of his way for you. All of the staff was super nice. This place was great!!

    Tammy B.,

  • I love this place. I know it seems like a oxymoron to say it's a nice laundromat, but it truly is. It's always clean, they have free wifi and either music or TV's on to keep me occupied. The employees are very friendly as well. The owner is there often, and has always been kind and helpful.

    Shawn K.,

  • I have been a customer at this Laundromat location for 15 years and have seen it at its worst. Before Tyler took over there were homeless people sleeping inside and it was very dirty. Now, this Laundromat is the best with constant improvements and great customer service. Most of all is Tyler’s great kindness towards my son, who with his handicap can be very trying to most who do not know him. The entire staff has embraced us with great kindness and enduring friendship. This by far has been the best customer service I've experienced at any Laundromat and they have made an unwelcome chore feel less of a burden. Many thanks to Tyler and his staff for their hard work and dedication.

    Jeff H.,