• The Washboad Laundry
  • The Washboad Laundry

    Recieving the award for Business of the Year 2016 from the College Business District

The Washboard Laundry is San Diego’s friendly laundry service

and we provide a convenient and simple way to get that boring laundry chore done.

What our customers say

  • I love this place! Easy and clean. My clothes smell and feel just like the way my mom does my laundry back home. I go to SDSU and I would rather spend my time studying, working and socializing instead of doing laundry. The Fluff and Fold service saves me countless hours and I can easily pick up my laundry when it’s ready. You guys rock!

    Adam G.,

  • When life becomes too busy and you just need a little help with your laundry, go to the Washboard for some fluff & fold satisfaction. Hands down awesome. Everything gets washed and folded. Shirts are hung, and the money I left in my pockets, is returned to me. Excellent turn around time.

    David D.,

  • I can now say I am a regular at The Washbaord. I drop my salon towels here every week. The turn around is always prompt. 90% of the time it's ready in one day.

    Trista C.,

  • I take my comforter here all the time. It saves me time and the hassle of doing it myself because neither my washer nor dryer could handle it. I love how I can just drop it off and they send me a text message when my blanket is done. This place is really convenient!

    Laura H.,