About The Washboard Laundry

Come get your laundry done and have it returned fresh and clean with a smile.
Tyler Blair, Owner of The Washboard Laundry San Diego

Tyler Blair, Owner of The Washboard Laundry San Diego

Thank you for taking the time to check us out. To be honest, I stumbled into the laundry business – literally. In April 2009, I was recovering from an Achilles tendon repair surgery and having to share one washer and dryer with 14 other apartments (while on crutches!) made doing laundry difficult. I decided doing several loads at once at a Laundromat would be more efficient.  After a few weeks of trying different local Laundries, I assumed the normal laundry experience was in a run down, boring, neglected business with little-to-no customer service.  It made no sense to me to get my clothes clean in a dirty Laundromat. It was far off my radar at the time, so I decided to investigate and get to know the business.  After months of researching Laundries in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Houston and Boston, I uncovered The Washboard Laundry.

It was the perfect opportunity to try some pretty radical ideas. My plan was relatively simple: a Laundromat with modern décor, current magazines (Thanks Mom!) and amenities, some tech, and a clean, fun, social vibe.  This kind of Laundromat was not out there – TRUST ME – I looked at over 75 of ‘em. So, I honed my ideas and pitched the idea to my parents. They were thumbs up. On April 28th, 2010, The Washboard Laundry was born.

Although, we no longer offer self-service laundry due to the increase in our commerical and fluff and fold laundry services, we still continue to pride ourselves on great customer service and cleanliness. The well-trained staff will make sure your experience goes smoothly and that your laundry is returned fresh and clean with a smile.