Quality Laundry Service for San Diego's Small Businesses and Residents

Quality Care

By using an eco-friendly laundry system, we are able to provide a cleaner, safer and healthier solution for getting your clothes and linens freshly laundered, while caring for our environment.

Reliable Delivery

Save time by taking advantage of our local pick up and delivery laundry services throughout San Diego County. It’s super convenient and the perfect solution for commercial clients and hotel guests.

Premium Results

We pride ourselves by ensuring you receive first-rate service and laundry so fresh it will make you smile. Save some time and avoid the hassle of the Laundromat and let us work the dirt!

Since 2010, the Washboard has been providing an easy and convenient way of getting your laundry fresh and clean in the San Diego Area. We are a family owned laundry business, locally operated and specializing in personalized, quality service for all of your laundry needs. We welcome the opportunity to prove why we are top-notch.

What Our Customers Are Saying

When life becomes too busy and you just need a little help with your laundry, I go to the Washboard for some fluff & fold satisfaction. Hands down, awesome!

David D.

I’m incredibly lazy so I drop off my laundry here for the fluff and fold service. Recommended to anyone else who hates doing their own laundry.

Joshua D.

This place is absolutely amazing! I absolute hate doing my own laundry so I am appreciative of this kind and professional laundry business. They are very nice and have great customer service.

Ashley C.

Let Us Work the Dirt!

Laundry has never been this easy.